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Civil Air Patrol Indiana Wing Ground Team
Minimum Familiarization & Preparation

"Fam & Prep" is the first eleven skills on the GTM3 Skills Worksheet.
Watching these overview videos takes only 37 minutes, but you should study the PDFs, too.
Don't freak out if you don't have all of the gear mentioned;
as a trainee, you only need the equipment on this list.

ES Fam & Prep Video 1 (9 minutes)
ES Fam & Prep Video 2 (5 minutes)
ES Fam & Prep Video 3 (7 minutes)
ES Fam & Prep Video 4 (10 minutes)
ES Fam & Prep Video 5 (5 minutes)

These recordings are an overview of material from:

Ground and UDF Team Task Guide (PDF, 208pp, 1.6 MB)
Ground Team Reference Guide (PDF, 150pp, 6 MB)
PowerPoint slides at http://nesa.cap.gov/gsar-curriculum

Email both Lt Nardoni and Lt Bagnall with questions.